What is a Labyrinth?


June 16, 2010
> Nashua Public Library Blog About Labyrinths including reading suggestions

Benefits of Labyrinth to the Community

Nashua Parks and Recreation Department

— Integrative tool as a part of community parks programs for calming exercise, stress reduction and to promote aerobic capacity and creative imagination

Children and Senior Citizens

— Sensory integrative activity for development of improved sensory processing, eye-foot coordination, and balance


— Marriage and vow renewal ceremonies and wedding celebrations

Mental Health Practitioners

— For therapeutic programs to restore physical and psychosocial balance
following trauma and/or illnesses
— Community wellness programs
— Stress reduction and self-regulation


— Field trips to study and experience the arts, humanities, and social sciences reflected in the Labyrinth process

Local Businesses

— Visitors who come to our community to walk the Labyrinth

Social Scientists, Health Professionals, Psychologists,
Local and State and Colleges and Universities and Medical Centers

— Research on the physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits of Labyrinth walking

Dancers and Other Artists

— Interactive art form to spark their creativity and to design and stage events